Pricing Add On Services


Setup Custom Domain
  IE: if you have and would like to change to


Setup your Gmail to work with your domain
 (You will have - Will need Business Gmail Account)


Setup Google Analytics & Exclude your home/work IP address from tracking
  (to ensure you are not affecting the results if you visit your site often)
  (You will need a Gmail account)


Create Social Media Channel
  (Options: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+)
  Services include: Graphic Design & Account Syncing if needed (admin access will be needed)


Write New Content (excludes blog posts): Up to 5 pages


Add Content To Blog Posts & Optimize Using Latest SEO Techniques: Up to 10 posts

Pricing Monthly Subscriptions


Monthly Traffic Monitoring: All website traffic using Google Analytics & Zenfolio
 and will provide a bi-monthly report and monitor daily


Instagram Natural Boost:
  Want more followers on Instagram but want them organically?
  Offering a service that auto-likes posts based on hashtags which results in
  more exposure for your brand and more followers


Monthly Link Monitoring: All link partners & sponsorships
  Links are essential for any marketing campaign and we will monitor all the sites that link to you.


Add Content To Blog Posts & Optimize Using Latest SEO Techniques Includes: text, pictures, URL, title, and META description - Up to 5 posts